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We are proud to be a Greenville , NY mitigation contractor and professional testing service for the area. We have offices in Greenville and Windham which allow us to service all Greene county customers efficiently. With the help of the New York State health department, we have compiled some data of homes in Greenville which we have listed below. Please feel free to contact us with any radon installation questions or concerns. If your home has tested positive for radon we can help with fast & affordable remediation solutions.

Radon entry into a home
There are more than 22,000 lung cancer-related deaths annually in the US directly caused by radon. With more studies becoming available this number is growing rapidly and the urgency for remediation within homes is dire. Radon’s health risks can be greatly reduced by a radon remediation system installed in a home.

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Protect your family from radon decay products, the only way to know if your home has elevated radon is to test. We offer a $25 homeowner test as well as advanced short & long-term testing.

We are a full service certified radon measurement and mitigation installation company based out of Greene County, New York. Our affordable & professional services bring radon safety into any home or business. All of our work is installed to the EPA Radon Mitigation Standards and is guaranteed to lower the indoor radon level to below the EPA acceptable levels.

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Here are some of The Radon Pros most beneficial features.

  • Quick Service – We now can generally schedule within a 24 hour window
  • Certified Installers – We hold AARST & NRPP certifications
  • Smart Technology – Green technology & maintenance-free systems

Radon Mitigation Test Levels

All homes with tested radon levels of 4 PCi/L or higher should have a radon mitigation system installed. There are no safe levels of radon and no way to eliminate the source, all that can be done is channel the harmful gasses outside of the structure using mitigation technology. Homes in the Greenville area respond very well to the latest mitigation technologies.

Mitigation Pricing Overview

The cost to install a home mitigation system varies based on construction factors. But the average price of our systems range between $1195 – $1595. Tested soil conditions determine the correct sized fan to be used in the system. Call 518-831-5250 to get an accurate quote now.

5 Year Warranty & Maintenance Free

Our system components come with a 5 year warranty against any defect and are designed to be completely maintenance free for homeowners. We also offer retesting 2 years after a mitigation install free of charge. Our systems are design to be extremely energy efficient saving on power consumption.
Town Location Homes Tested Recorded High Under 4 pCi/L 4+ pCi/L
ASHLAND Basement 18 31.40 10 7
ASHLAND 1st Floor 3 6.40 2 1
ATHENS Basement 23 19.30 14 9
ATHENS 1st Floor 39 7.60 38 1
CAIRO Basement 40 245.20 26 8
CAIRO 1st Floor 28 205.40 17 9
CATSKILL Basement 100 51.30 58 36
CATSKILL 1st Floor 52 72.40 42 9
COXSACKIE Basement 26 12.10 21 5
COXSACKIE 1st Floor 115 3.60 115 0
DURHAM Basement 14 30.00 9 3
DURHAM 1st Floor 9 33.60 6 2
GREENVILLE Basement 45 13.60 25 20
GREENVILLE 1st Floor 126 6.70 125 1
HALCOTT Basement 4 14.70 2 2
HALCOTT 1st Floor 1 2.20 1 0
HUNTER Basement 16 23.40 8 6
HUNTER 1st Floor 6 4.30 5 1
JEWETT Basement 5 3.80 5 0
JEWETT 1st Floor 5 2.30 5 0
LEXINGTON Basement 10 25.30 7 2
LEXINGTON 1st Floor 8 9.40 6 2
NEW BALTIMORE Basement 33 86.30 19 13
NEW BALTIMORE 1st Floor 16 26.40 12 3
PRATTSVILLE Basement 5 5.00 4 1
PRATTSVILLE 1st Floor 4 2.40 4 0
WINDHAM Basement 22 12.80 12 10
WINDHAM 1st Floor 11 3.00 11 0


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Greenville contains some of the highest levels of radon within New York state. The unique topography and high density of radon-laden soil gives radon the ability to thrive in our schools, homes and communities. With the help of the EPA and New York State health department, radon’s deadly effects are becoming widely known and the ability to test has become easy and inexpensive. Radon related health issues account for roughly 2 billion dollars a year in medical costs and 22,000 deaths. Sadly the majority of the damage is done where people feel the safest, in their own homes. Test and fix if necessary.