Please give us a call (1-518-831-5250) to confirm this calculated quote and to receive a written estimate. This pricing model is quite accurate to our written quotes.

Base promotional price is $1195.00 with a certificate of capital improvement form completed. Most homes built after 1980 had building codes in place which generally make radon mitigation systems perform better and are easier to install.

Please use the base price of $1195.00 and add on any of the fields below.

– Stone wall foundation +$150
– Concrete block wall foundation – $100
– Sump pump +$135
– Two-story home +$80
– 2.5 Story home +$140

Items below, please call to discuss:

– French/perimeter basement drain
– Finished or partially finished basement
– Dirt or broken material basement floor/ partial crawlspace
– Multiple concrete slab floor heights in the basement
– Attached garage

Discounts Available:
Bilco or similar basement access doors – $40
Homeowner radon retesting (kits and instructions provided) – $55