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  • Radon is in every home. But how much?

    The only way to know your Radon level is by testing.

    What is Radon?
    Radon comes from the radioactive decay of Radium. It is this decay that causes the airborn particle known as an "Alpha Particle" to become trapped in our homes and businesses.

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The Radon Pros are 100% Committed to Radon Reduction & Detection.

We guarantee results! We are a full service Radon measurment and mitigation installation company based out of Green County, New York. Our affordable services bring Radon saftey into any home or business. All of our work is installed to EPA Radon Mitigation Standards and is guaranteed to lower the indoor radon level to below EPA acceptable levels.

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  • Highly Trained – In advanced mitigration technology and measurment testing.
  • We use only the most energy efficient equipment.


Services Offered

Radon Testing – We offer full testing from short term (3-7 Day Tests), to long-term and continuous computer monitoring for commercial services.

Mitigation Systems – According to The EPA we are supposed to offer mitigation systems to all buildings that test with 2.0 pCI/L or above. Actional repairs are recommended at 4.0 pCI/L and higher.