We have prepared this article with hopes to raise overall radon awareness and help home buyers protect themselves.

The First Steps

The most important initial step is to test the home before you proceed with the purchase. Usually, a home inspector can offer a radon test as part of your inspection, take advantage of this service as it is usually less expensive and faster than a dedicated radon company such as ourselves can perform. The average cost for a home inspector around upstate New York is $100 for a dual canister short term radon test. If you are on a tight budget or opting to not hire a home inspector, short term radon tests can be purchased at all major home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot for $25. We encourage buyers at very minimum request that you schedule appointments and lay the radon tests yourself.

A Moral Dilemma

Sadly, we have seen all sorts of poor morals when it comes to performing radon tests. There is actually a huge amount of Google searches for “how to make my home pass a radon test” or similar phrases. We have seen poor judgment on all parties involved in a real estate transaction including the lawyers