Greene County Radon Remediation Services

Average price: $1400 – $1800

If you have been looking for a radon remediation contractor in Greene County we can certainly help. We are well known in the area for having an unparalleled best quality service at the lowest price points. We are honest, and ethical, and strive for every customer’s good review of our services.

Radon remediation is a very effective solution to reducing radon in your home or business, often our systems lower radon levels by over 90%. The systems we design and install come with a 5-year warranty on all parts and labor. Our systems are specifically designed with the highest quality parts to be maintenance-free for homeowners.

The remediation process starts with an in-home estimate done at the customer’s convenience, we make ourselves available on weeknights and weekends to facilitate a customer’s work schedule. If you have performed a test in your home and discovered high radon levels, you will be set up with a free in-home consultation. Our written estimates are thorough and include all aspects of the work to be completed.

Our Radon System Benefits

  • Reduce radon levels on average 90% of current readings
  • Reduce as much as 2 gallons of water vapor per day!
  • Remove musty and/or moldy smells by ventilation
  • Will improve overall air quality within the home
  • All of these benefits use $30-$50/year in electric use