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Greene County Radon Test Statistics


According to the New York State Department of Health, the pCI/L average in Greene county is 7.09 (last tested 2011). Out of a total of 323 homes tested for radon in Greene County, 126 have failed radon tests with a 4.00 or higher using EPA standards. Radon mitigation systems are highly recommended for building over 4.0 PCI/L.

Our testing devices measure the rate of radioactive decay, not mass or volume of radon. Many area’s in Greene County will test differently due to the various types of soil and bedrock. The only possible way to know if you have radon is to test for it. Radon is inert and cannot be seen of smelled.

Although radon can come from landfills and other man-made situations, the majority of radon comes from the soil beneath us. It is very localized, it comes from the area directly under and a few meters around buildings.

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Sample Data From Greene County Homes  2007





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